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Produced by Tim Friedlander at soundbox:LA and Kathryn Horan & Kelly Moscinski at The Voicecaster

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Hosni, Comper Medical App

"The best voice artist that I ever worked with, impressive quality, prompt reply, easy communication...
simply super professional and talented. Highly recommended and for sure we will work again.

Thanks a lot Sarah"

Ken, ATS Training Systems

"Sarah is a true professional. She is able to take our scripts and put it down exactly how we needed it. We use many different voice over artists and Sarah is on the top for sure - she is always early on her deadlines. Sound quality and volume are perfect. If you are looking for a very high end voice over artist with the perfect sound Sarah is your contractor - we will be back with her for sure."

Alfonsina, YouTube Top 10 Video Narration

"Sarah is a wonderful person to work with. Very professional and open to changes. I really enjoyed her interest in the project by providing different tone options. Will work with her again. Totally recommended!"

Massimo, ZFactor Software Marketing

"Sarah was absolutely perfect from communication to turn around - her voice is golden!!!! Will use again for sure."

Sarah is the ultimate voice over artist. She is able to take our scripts and with very little direction produce a perfect sounding file that is easy to use or modify. You will find that there is no need for retakes as Sarah ensures the provided lines are of the highest quality. Sarah has always met the agreed upon timelines and typically provides much quicker. We highly recommend Sarah for your next project

Vladimir, Photomate Mobile App

"I will definitely come back to Sarah if I have similar tasks. Excellent work!"

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