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Sarah has been an active and passionate of the fitness community for many years.

Her fitness journey has given her a passion for weightlifting, physique competition, and athleticism.

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Sarah is a member of

WOW: Women of Wrestling

as the rough-n-tumble cowgirl

Casey Dakota

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Casey Dakota will be making her debut mid-season, so stay tuned to catch her in action!

To get an inside look at her wrestling journey, follow

@wow_dakota on Instagram & Twitter

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Athletic Demo Reel

Physique Competition History

2014 WBPF 12th Annual Southeast Asia

Bodybuilding Championships

Women's Athletic Physique (Team Singapore) - 3rd Place

2013 NGA Titan Classic Open Bikini Tall - 5th Place

2013 NANBF Natural Iowa Iowa Bikini Tall - 4th Place